Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery in SG

People usually get their wisdom teeth extraction between ages 18-25. So mine is overdue. Both of my bottom wisdom teeth are impacted. My private dentist charges $900-1200 per tooth! Vomit blood! That’s potentially kissing $2400 goodbye.

So I’ve gone for the cheapo method – polyclinic referral to a hospital’s dental services. Not only do I get a subsidised rate, I’m also hoping for hospitalisation leave instead of MC. Need to save MC for rainy days.

Below is a timeline of how things unveiled.

  • 22 Jan 2017: I sent in an online request for a dentist appt at Woodlands Polyclinic on the NHG Online Appointment System.
  • 23 Jan 2017: Received a call from the polyclinic to arrange my appt. Few days later, received a letter in the post stating my appt date and time.
  • 10 Feb 2017 (Polyclinic): This was the earliest appt they had. I only had a consultation that lasted less than 10mins. Was initially offered to have my surgery at NUH because I live in the West but I asked for KTPH instead. (Btw I didn’t know that you can get a referral for a hospital in a different area! So I could have gone to Jurong polyclinic which is nearer to where I live to get a referral to KTPH!) Got my referral letter and called the number on the letter to arrange an appt with the KTPH dentist.
  • 24 Feb 2017 (KTPH consultation): The earliest appt available was actually on 20 Feb, but I couldn’t make it that day. This session was basically the dentist discussing the options of LA VS GA and the risk of surgery (i.e. damage to trigeminal nerve).
  • 20 March 2017 (KTPH surgery day): The earliest appt available was actually mid-March but I couldn’t make it due to work commitments.

So in summary,

  • Waiting times: approx 2 weeks between each step (i.e. request – polyclinic, polyclinic – KTPH consultation, KPTH consultation – surgery).

Why did I choose KTPH? Well, I heard that the dentistry dept there is not bad! And there’s a specific dentist there who has many good reviews online about her wisdom tooth removal skills. She is Dr Sylvia Tay. Of course, being a subsidised patient, I don’t have the luxury to choose my dentist. But let’s just say I’m very lucky. 🙂

Total cost:

  • Polyclinic: $15.10
  • Consultation and Xray @ KTPH: $57.87
  • Estimated cost for GA and 4-tooth extraction (excluding medications): $1400
  • Estimated cost for LA and 2-tooth extraction (excluding medications): $800
  • Actual cost for LA and 2-tooth extraction (including medications): $873.52

So, let me break it down for you:

  • Actual cost with polyclinic referral: $873.52
  • Actual cost without polyclinic referral: $1425.72
  • Private dentist estimated cost: $1800-$2400

$15 polyclinic letter can save you $550! Worth it!


Finally got my HPV vaccination!

I finally brought my lazy ass down to the GP ystd to get my first dose of the Gardasil vaccine. Have been procrastinating since forever, getting nagged at once in a while by my mum to get it before I’m too old for it. Yes, I’m a master procrastinator here. So bow down now and call me  shifu.

What’s Gardasil, you ask? It is one of the two HPV vaccines available in SG to “help prevent specific types of HPV infection that may lead to cervical cancer. The maximum benefits of HPV vaccination occur when the vaccines are given before the start of sexual activity where HPV exposure occurs.” Quoted from the HPB website. It’s ideally for girls between age 9 to 26, before they are sexually active.

Note that the two vaccines (i.e. Gardasil VS Cervarix) protect against different strains of HPV and their dosage schedule differ slightly too. If I’m not mistaken, local polyclinics only do Cervarix vaccinations, while GPs might either offer Gardasil or both. Speak to your Dr if you would like more info on which of the two best suits you.

For me, it all boils down to laziness. Go to the nearest GP from home to get whichever vaccine they offer. Here’s a price comparison of the Gardasil package I had and the Cervarix package from polyclinics based on outdated sources on the internet (pls check if the prices have increased):

My Gardasil package: $400 for 3 doses payable by Medisave + $25 to clinic one-off for services

Polyclinic’s Cervarix package: $360 for 3 doses ($120/dose) payable by Medisave + ?$11.80 consultation fee

So I’m paying more for convenience since the nearest polyclinic from me is… Well, not just 2mins walk away. And for my lazy ass, convenience is key.

So is this my first step to taking ownership of my own health and start watching what I eat? A little farfetched… But ok.