This blog (and this post) is the result of a sudden inspiration (or impulsiveness) to chronicle the milestones that a typical young fresh graduate in Singapore goes through when he’s thrown into the life of a working adult.

Yup, and this student to working adult transition ain’t easy. There’s a whole lot of adapting to do: getting used to the working hours, the stress of being a newcomer, making new friends, refining the skills required in your line of work that unfortunately university did not prepare you for, dealing with withdrawal symptoms from your awesome grad trip, and much much more. At the initial stage, it will seem that your new job defines you and is the only thing that you have energy for. You basically live, breathe, eat, shit, sleep your job. Then comes the realisation of the other adulty things that you have to consider beyond your job, one of them being your finances.


Before I started my job proper, I was meeting up with friends who had already started their jobs and I noticed that a (very) small portion of our conversations was on the topic of investments. Mind you, I was utterly traumatised by that when it first happened because somehow, these people whom technically are on the same page as me when we left uni seem to already be at a whole other level by simply bringing the topic up. They seriously looked like they’ve got their shit together. So from that moment, I had a very vague and not-so-strong determination at the back of my mind to go find out a little more on managing personal finance, savings, insurance, investments, etc.

However, this did not happen until I’m like 9 months into the job. Because like I said, the new job kind of just engulfs you. I only got to thinking about it again after my mum told me that she’s meeting her insurance agent and asked if I wanted to tag along. Then it hit me – what the heck is insurance.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 1.06.17 am.png

So yes, it’s been approximately one and a half months since that happened. I started out reading financial blogs. My first stepping stone was when I stumbled upon a Facebook post shared by a friend on an article titled “How I Saved $20K In A Year” by Budget Babe. Then one click led to another and I started to grow a small interest in reading up the blogs.

So, now from a blog reader to a blog writer wannabe HAHA.

Just some disclaimers:

  1. As the web address suggest, I don’t consider myself financially knowledgeable. But I believe I am going through the basic trajectory that a (pretty sheltered) fresh grad with no prior financial knowledge will go through.
  2. I did not study Business / Accountancy / Finance / Economics in uni.
  3. You might not agree with my opinions or my opinions might even be utterly wrong. But that’s ok, we all have the right to our own opinions anyway 🙂