Carouselling for $$$

I’m a lady and of course, I’m guilty of impulse buys. But to clarify, I’m not into branded goods and most of my friends see my room and go “you have so few things!”. So, my impulse buys are not that huge in size, in number or in monetary value.

Like many others out there, I sell these unwanted stuff on Carousell to get some money back. In the past 6 months, I sold 15 items on Carousell. One of them was a big ticket item (an instrument) while the rest were mainly clothes and books. Excluding the big ticket item, I got $170 for the rest.

I’m especially proud of an item which I bought overseas during a discount and now managed to sell at twice the price! Also sold a few freebies I got from shopping with some retailers (e.g. free foundation from Watsons).

From my experience, I think Carousell mostly appeals to young people. So far, the buyers purchasing my preloved clothes and books were mainly teenagers. Exclude that 1 auntie in her late 50s who came to my void deck to try a size M bodycon dress from Forever 21 when she’s usually a size XL :/ That was an odd experience. She obviously didn’t purchase the product in the end as the dress could not fit beyond her shoulders.

I’ve also bought a few items on there before. The secret to not getting cheated is to always check the seller’s feedback. Of course, there are ways to work around that so it’s still very much a gamble at the end of the day. I would never purchase items on it that cost more than $25 if I’m opting for mail. That’s how much I’m willing to get cheated of if it happens.

What tips do I have for selling on Carousell?

  1. Take nice photos, preferably with a white background
  2. Use as many search terms as you can in your item title
  3. Set realistic prices
  4. Answer to queries promptly
  5. Expect ppl to bargain for a cheaper price
  6. Consider giving discount if someone buys multiple items from you
  7. Consider postage rather than meet ups if you are a busy person – I tend to buy stamps from SAM machines and just drop the parcel off at a nearby postbox. No need to queue at the post office to get stamps anymore!
  8. Keep the receipts for the stamps and take photos/videos of you mailing the item as proof of postage

Items typically do not sell out quickly, so expect that some of your items are never gonna get sold. It might help to have a mental expiry date for these items. Say, if it doesn’t get sold in 1 year, donate it to the Salvation Army perhaps?



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