Hold or sell?

I’m a newbie when it comes to investing. And I’m now in the midst of learning a lesson.

To test the water, I bought 1 lot of DBS shares at $15 in October last year. Kept telling myself that I’m gonna collect them dividends and I’m in for the long-term.

But last Wed, DBS share price rose to $20.83, the highest it has been since buying it. I started to falter – sell now to realise the profit or continue holding?

This makes me wonder – do experienced investors veer out of their investing principles when “the time is right” or do they stick to them no matter what? Do long-term investors sometimes become not-so-long-term investors?


One thought on “Hold or sell?

  1. bhalimking says:

    I think its not wrong if you think your mind is telling you to sell for as long as there are good justification.

    The most common justification to sell being either they are overvalued in valuation or the reason when you first bought has changed.


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