Good lobang: cheap spectacles!

Most Singaporeans have myopia and require glasses or contact lenses. Like many others, I started wearing glasses in primary school and they were never cheap – at least $180 each as my parents always opt for the best lenses for me. ❤ Had to change them approx once every 2 years. So that’s more than $1000 spent on glasses in total till date!

Then while on holiday in UK many years ago, I made a pair online for $90 and I thought that’s the cheapest glasses I’d ever get in my life. They were of the wayfarer shape too, the trendy thing back then.

My latest (and most attas) pair cost me $300 (ouch), from an obscure ulu shop at the bottom of a HDB block. They were just plain classic black, in a bid to make myself look more professional and serious for my first job. (So I don’t look so fresh out of uni in order to gain people’s trust HAHA)

Recently, I’ve been itching to make a new pair for a change of look. Something more relatable and fresh. And I needed to update my prescription. I went to OWNDAYS, which is known for cheap glasses and express collection, but nothing caught my eye. (They weren’t exactly super cheap too).

Coincidentally, a friend of mine just made a new pair and she recommended me to this place called Mimeo. Googled it, found that they have rave reviews on Facebook and express collection too! So I made a trip down one weekend and OMG I was in paradise. It was non-stop trying on pair after pair, as all their styles were super trendy! The frames I saw range from $25 to $155. Basic lenses with express service cost only $30. I took a long time to choose as there were soooo many that I loved. I finally bought THE ONE for just $75!

Good lobang must share. Now I know where to go for my future prescription glasses 🙂


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