My 2016 Financial Goals Reviewed

In mid 2016 (about 8 months into my job), I started to set short-term financial goals for myself to be achieved by end of this year. Since it’s december and we’re welcoming 2017 soon, I figured it’s time to revisit these goals to see if they have been achieved.

Savings Goals:

  1. To set up an emergency fund comprising of 6months worth of my usual expenses: achieved
  2. To keep my own expenditure (i.e. excluding insurance and amount given to parents) to less than 30% of my monthly income: achieved (see here)
  3. To have net asset worth of $50K (excluding CPF): achieved

Insurance Goals:

  1. To take up a suitable endowment plan: achieved (see here)

Investment Goals:

  1. To read up more on investing: achieved
  2. To set up brokerage and CDP account: achieved (see here)
  3. Invest in STI ETF: achieved (see here)
  4. Attempt at stocks with approx $5k for “testing the waters”: achieved (see here)

So yes, I’ve stuck to my goals and have achieved them all. Now, time to think of goals for 2017! What were your goals for 2016 and have you achieved them?


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